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Introducing our Accrue Monthly Report, designed to provide valuable insights and guidance on the ever-evolving Australian Property Market.

June 2024

We believe that the market is in the seven to eleven o’clock range where it’s currently experiencing growing confidence, price rises, undersupply and rising valuations.

May 2024

High interest rates have pushed buyer demand towards more affordable housing.

April 2024

Savvy investors who act promtly to secure assets before potential rate reductions, are likely to reap the rewards of property value increases accelerating.

March 2024

There was a further increase (0.9%) in the monthly rate of national rental growth.

February 2024

Now’s the time for property investment. Act quickly to stay ahead; as the cycle advances, media attention and demand will rise.

January 2024

In 2023, home values increased 8.1% bouncing back from a 4.2% drop in 2022.

December 2023

The level of investment activity post-Covid was subdued, but that’s all changing in a big way – and for good reason.

November 2023

We are currently experiencing growing confidence, price rises and under supply.

October 2023

According to the Cordell Construction Cost Index (CCCI), growth in construction costs have now normalised.

September 2023

Current metrics reveal now is the prime time to invest for maximum returns.

August 2023

Growth in national rents reached 35 consecutive months in July, the longest stretch since 2013.

July 2023

The market remains robust and offers potential opportunities for profitable investment.

June 2023

Gain valuable insights into market conditions by analysing the current stage of the property market cycle.

May 2023

The market has shifted, presenting a prime opportunity for investment.


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