March 2, 2022


Accrue Real Estate


Michelle Viney

Five Essential Moves For 2022

Here are five key moves you must undertake to ensure you invest successfully in 2022.


1) Get Your Strategy In Order

Those who venture into this year without a plan in place are at serious risk of

long-term financial pain. Be certain to set out your short- and long-term goals and

have a clear plan on how to achieve them.


2) Line Up Your Finance

When the right asset comes your way, you must be ready to make a fast

decision on whether to purchase. This means having your financial arrangements

in order early to avoid missing out. Seek advice from a qualified broker and other

professionals who can assist.


3) Asset Selection Will Be Crucial

The most important investment decisions you make this year will be around

asset selection. Choosing the wrong property will be a huge problem in 2022 that

could cost you plenty for years to come. The real estate you select must have

undergone the highest scrutiny and be chosen based on solid analysis.


4) Monitor Your Progress

Investment this year cannot be a passive activity. Ongoing assessment of your

portfolio and finding opportunities for further investment will pay handsome

dividends. So, get active and consistent when it comes to keeping track of your



5) Have a Mentor/Advisor

Successful investing in 2022 without the assistance of an advisor will be

extremely challenging. Drawing on their experience to help you.

Book an appointment with our passionate property mentors today.


Disclaimer: This is general advice and has been prepared without taking into account your particular situation or needs. You should consider whether it is appropriate for you before acting on it.