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Content Item - Mr D & Mrs N Stanes

We joined with Accrue because we wanted to something positive towards out future retirement. We were able to choose the property we were most comfortable with and everything has gone fine with our investment to date.

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Content Item - Mr and Mrs Layzell

Accrue gave us the methodology behind what to do and together with the finance consultants we felt  confident. We hope to acquire a total of two or three investment properties through Accrue over a five to ten year period.

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Content Item - Mr & Mrs Sanfilippo

Our most positive experiences with Accrue have been being able to know what we are doing with our future and the fact they are always here to answer questions and provide support.

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Content Item - Mr D & Mrs L Franklin

On our property tour, we did not feel any pressure to buy and therefore felt free to choose. We personally felt the available properties shown to us in Heidelberg Heights had more potential as it is in a great location, near the hospital and to date, we have been satisfied with our property’s performance.

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Content Item - Mr & Mrs Hutter

Considering the amount of time and energy that goes into acquiring an investment property, our decision to become members has shown its value and continues to do so through the annual review process. We appreciate that we are able to chat face to face about our property portfolio regularly.

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Content Item - Mr Rohan Mansfield

At our first office consultation, the reason we decided to sign a membership with Accrue was because we felt the need to do something to look after our retirement. We felt no pressure by Accrue and were advised that we were not obliged to acquire any property shown

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