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Content Item - Property investment - The rarer the property, the greater the demand and the price

"First property buyers should look to entering the market as a town house owner in a well located property that they can potentially sell to families, couples, retirees and first home buyers. The aim is to build a portfolio of unique properties. Later, they can move on to a house. No two houses are ever identical. That is what creates demand. The rarity factor is the key. Unique aspects in terms of design and or location are what drives up the price."

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Content Item - Sydney should look to Melbourne for housing solutions: REINSW

Sydney needs a better balance of new apartments, single dwelling homes and medium density developments, much like Melbourne has, according to the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.

REINSW President John Cunningham said the NSW Government is currently reviewing its planning policies which he described as too convoluted.
“Everyone has an opinion on Sydney’s property problems, but there is a solution available which can help to create vibrant integrated communities
,” Mr Cunningham said.

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Content Item - D & J Adey

When we initially met with Accrue, we were glad to get the advice and knowledge from the experts.

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Content Item - Black Rock little hidden Melbourne real estate gem

Jeff Grochowski from Accrue Real Estate discusses the lifestyle and property investment potential of Black Rock.
Brighton is probably the most well known and affluent suburb on the shores of Port Phillip Bay. It is a really good place to live. It is close to the city. The beaches are popular for locals and visitors alike.
Hampton is fast gathering a reputation as the next generation's trophy property location and it is now starting to mirror Brighton in terms of lifestyle and in some cases, property value. Nearby, Black Rock offers lower prices in an area undergoing significant urban revitalisation. Access to a very interesting beach and foreshore recreation area have made more and more investors and home seekers look at buying into the suburb.

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Content Item - Taking the long term view of Melbourne property investment

The REIV is advising buyers to look beyond the Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs for their first property purchase.


REIV CEO Geoff White said buyers are increasingly looking for value in regional Victoria.



New growth areas provide buyers with the opportunity to enter the property market at a more affordable rate, yet still on a main VLine service into Melbourne.”



Many of these areas, especially towns within commuting distance of the city, are also recording solid annual price increases and are poised for future growth.”


Investment and infrastructure initiatives by both the state and federal government are likely to deliver further capital growth in these areas.”


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Content Item - Jeff Grochowski of Accrue Real Estate delivers property acquisition services

People looking to buy investment property in Melbourne have an opportunity to seek expert advice on what rental properties are on the market.

The federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison said today, that 30% of Australians rent their homes. That is a huge number people who will at some time look to find a new investment property to rent.

Jeff Grochowski has a service that offers help to people who have made up their mind to set out on the hunt for a new apartment or unit to accommodate those 7,200,000 renters.

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Content Item - Melbourne residential property growth doubles Australian average: Australian Bureau of Statistics

MELBOURNE property’s price growth doubled the national average in the year to June, a new report shows — and experts say there’s more to come.

Figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show Melbourne’s average residential price increased 8.2 per cent during the 12 month period — the most of any capital city.

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Content Item - Sydney residential vacancy rates tighten

Residential vacancy rates have tightened across the Sydney market led by Middle Sydney, according to data released by the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.

REINSW Deputy President Brett Hunter said the August 2016 REINSW Vacancy Rate Survey saw Sydney with an overall vacancy rate of 1.8 per cent, down 0.1 per cent.

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Content Item - Real estate agent finding referral service facts

Internet real estate websites assist people to find investment properties or a new home. Alongside the property listings, a new type of business has emerged " Real estate agent referral websites.

How do real estate agent rating and referral sites work?

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Content Item - Finding realestate in Melbourne the highly ranked livable city

Year after year, Melbourne has been named in the top ten most livable cities in the World. Does that make realestate less affordable?
Each year, the list of the most popular cities in the World, draws attention to the leading locations and that focus, affects realestate prices. More people wanting to live somewhere that is very popular, leads to higher demand and that extra stimulous, leads to higher property prices.

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Content Item - Jeff Grochowski reveals key lessons about buying investment real estate

In Melbourne and Sydney, investment property is in strong demand. Fueled by immigration, low interest rates and the poor performance of stocks and shares, property is the preferred investment vehicle for Australians.

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Content Item - Why all the best properties never go to auction

With record low interest rates and stock shortages in Sydney and Melbourne, the market is heating up again, with a record number of property selling for $1 million or more.

But there’s a whole other list of potential dream homes you won’t even hear about if you’re focused on what real estate agents have to dish up.

Off-market sales are where savvy home buyers and investors avoid the pitfalls of buying at auction, where emotions run high and the quoted price is woefully unrealistic.

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Content Item - Where the grass is greener: next suburbs add value

New REIV data shows there is a significant difference in the median house price of multiple adjacent suburbs across the state, despite similar characteristics and amenities.

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Content Item - Brexit to boost property's safe-haven status

Brexit will boost Australia's residential property market as the UK decision to leave the European Union will increase perceptions of the market's safe-haven status, observers say.

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Content Item - Mr & Mrs Anderson

When we first came in we knew we needed to invest in property but didn’t know how to. Accrue Real Estate were there throughout the whole course holding our hand and guiding us through a process we didn’t know much about.

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Content Item - Mr Hostettler & Ms Liu

We were shown many properties by Accrue and ended up purchasing two because we valued the experience and research that was provided into each investment property and overall it was a positive experience.

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Content Item - Mr & Mrs Hutter

Considering the amount of time and energy that goes into acquiring an investment property, our decision to become members has shown its value and continues to do so through the annual review process. We appreciate that we are able to chat face to face about our property portfolio regularly.

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Content Item - Mr Cameron & Mrs Delwyn Griffiths

When we realised that investing in property wasn’t going to cost us hundreds of dollars every week, the decision to join Accrue Real Estate as members was easy. If not for them we would still be in the same rut of paying down our mortgage a bit at a time.

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Melbourne 1 August 2015. How can people get a better deal when buying real estate in Melbourne?

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Content Item - Ms Lee Matson

Overall, my most positive experiences with Accrue have been that the staff are easy to talk to and are relaxed and comfortable, and they have proven expertise in knowledge of property.

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With an expert in property management on your side, your investment property will be in safe hands.

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