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Content Item - Black Rock little hidden Melbourne real estate gem

Jeff Grochowski from Accrue Real Estate discusses the lifestyle and property investment potential of Black Rock.
Brighton is probably the most well known and affluent suburb on the shores of Port Phillip Bay. It is a really good place to live. It is close to the city. The beaches are popular for locals and visitors alike.
Hampton is fast gathering a reputation as the next generation's trophy property location and it is now starting to mirror Brighton in terms of lifestyle and in some cases, property value. Nearby, Black Rock offers lower prices in an area undergoing significant urban revitalisation. Access to a very interesting beach and foreshore recreation area have made more and more investors and home seekers look at buying into the suburb.

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Content Item - Singles priced out of the Australian property market

Only two of Australia’s eight capital cities have a median house price that can be afforded by an average single income, new analysis by Australia’s leading financial comparison website,, shows.

Property prices on the east coast of Australia continue to rise to unattainable highs with a person looking to buy in Brisbane or Melbourne requiring an $80,866 and $96,706 salary respectively to afford a median priced house.

 “Our analysis reveals a reality that many young Australians are now living; the impossibility of affording a median-priced house on an average salary in most capital cities,” said Peter Arnold, data insights director at

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Content Item - Jeff Grochowski of Accrue Real Estate delivers property acquisition services

People looking to buy investment property in Melbourne have an opportunity to seek expert advice on what rental properties are on the market.

The federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison said today, that 30% of Australians rent their homes. That is a huge number people who will at some time look to find a new investment property to rent.

Jeff Grochowski has a service that offers help to people who have made up their mind to set out on the hunt for a new apartment or unit to accommodate those 7,200,000 renters.

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Content Item - Mr & Mrs Anderson

When we first came in we knew we needed to invest in property but didn’t know how to. Accrue Real Estate were there throughout the whole course holding our hand and guiding us through a process we didn’t know much about.

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Content Item - Ms Nicole Deane

I was made to feel no pressure to buy these properties by Accrue and was advised that I was under no obligation and was shown numerous different properties before I made my decision.

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