D & E Kersley

15th July 2017

D & E Kersley

When we initially met with Accrue, we knew that if we wanted to get ahead in life we needed to take a few risks and we felt more comfortable with property than we were with shares.

Accrue were able to break it down and in layman’s term for us – they told us exactly what we could afford to borrow and exactly what it would cost us each week.

We didn’t know how it was all going to work out when we first signed up as members, we had heard horror stories about investing in property and saw taking the first step as a bit of a gamble, but we gave it a crack.

We purchased a property in Pascoe Vale in 2015 which has increased by almost $100K over the past 2 years, the experience with Accrue has been really good and we are looking at purchasing again.

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