R & M St Ange

16 June 2017

R & M St Ange

We have one property so far through Accrue Real Estate and have been happy with our purchase. Our tenant is paying rent and everything is running smoothly. We already had an investment property jointly owned with our son and wanted to get into the property market again but wanted the opportunity to purchase a property with support from professionals.

Accrue gave us a lot of information on each property in each area which helped us make an informed decision and we have seen the potential to increase our rent after our lease expires later this year.

Comparable properties in our area are also selling for $50000-$100000 over what we paid 9 months earlier.

Considering all of the time and effort involved as well as the information provided and gain we have seen, we definitely think the membership was worth the investment and are happy with our decision to use Accrue’s services.

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