D & F Zooeff

2 May 2017

D & F Zooeff

We had been thinking about how we could boost what we had for retirement. We knew we weren’t going to have enough in super, but we didn’t know what to do about it.

We had discussed investing in property, but always thought the cost would be well beyond our means.

When we met Accrue they explained to us how it all worked and what it would cost and we were surprised with how affordable it really was.

If we had done this ourselves, we probably would have bought something near our house.

Accrue was able to show us properties in areas close to the city, that we never would have thought of because we believed they were way out of our price range.

To have someone who knew the whole Melbourne market and was able to show us research about the areas they were showing us made what we thought would be a daunting experience in to a very positive one.

We have seen great value in our Accrue membership and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service to anyone.

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