Mr White & Ms Hindhaugh

October 3 2016

Mr White & Ms Hindhaugh

Thank you Accrue Real Estate for helping us get into the property market. For a long time we had thought about investing but didn’t know what to do or what was the best way to go about it. We had our first consultation with Accrue and decided to go ahead because we wanted a long term investment strategy which we felt they could provide.

Before using the service we had seen our friends investing in property and we wanted to see how it would work for us. We are very happy with how our property has gone, it was tenanted quickly and since then has been going smoothly with no issues.

We recently did out tax returns and found that once everything is paid and our refund comes in the property actually costs nothing to run.

Our goal is to acquire another 3+ properties through Accrue over the coming years and we are excited for the end result.

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