Mr Hostettler & Ms Liu

We decided to sign up with an Accrue Membership because we were convinced that it wasn’t a cheap joke. There was no fanfare which we appreciated. It was a trustworthy presentation so we felt comfortable to proceed on the day of our first office consultation with Accrue Real Estate. There were no negatives about proceeding at all. Online research also did not provide any negative reports about the company.

We were shown many properties by Accrue and ended up purchasing two because we valued the experience and research that was provided into each investment property and overall it was a positive experience.

The annual review process has been extremely valuable in making sure our finances are in order. We learnt a lot and we are looking forward for the next one. 

The support of the finance people Accrue Real Estate referred us to was amazing. They guided us through the financial side of investing with us remaining in control along the way. We would definitely like to acquire as many investment properties as financially reasonable for us into the future.

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