Mr & Mrs Hutter

We decided to join as members with Accrue Real Estate as we needed a plan for retirement and Accrue showed us the path to take.

We were able to choose which property we wanted and felt no pressure to buy by Accrue. We especially loved that the property was ready to go and to date we are still satisfied with its performance.

Considering the amount of time and energy that goes into acquiring an investment property, our decision to become members has shown its value and continues to do so through the annual review process. We appreciate that we are able to chat face to face about our property portfolio regularly.

Ideally we would like to acquire three investment properties in total over twenty or so years.

Our most positive experiences with Accrue have been dealing with the financial consultants and in house sales staff. We have happily referred Accrue to our friends.

Suggestions: expert advice,  retirement plan

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