Mr Gras & Ms Herman

12th August 2015

Mr Gras & Ms Herman

We decided to sign with an Accrue Membership on the day of our first office consultation because we had realised during that we may have already started too late. We saw a way that could improve our retirement and thought it was a good idea to invest in property.

We were shown multiple properties by Accrue Real Estate and didn’t feel any pressure to purchase any of them. We were able to choose the property that we liked the most. To date, we have been very satisfied with the performance of our investment property in Footscray West. Ideally we would like to acquire another investment property to bring our property portfolio to a total of two.

Accrue Real Estate has regularly followed us up and has shown commitment to an ongoing service through our annual review. Everything that was promised has been done, which is good. Our Accrue Membership has saved us a lot of time and money in the long run – the stamp duty savings was great and we also like the fact that the property was an off the market selection.

Our most positive experience with Accrue has been the high level of service and the delivery of what was said to us. The financial information provided to us by the finance consultant was accurate which was very important.

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