Mr Vom Bruch & Ms Reitmann

31 July 2015

Mr Vom Bruch & Ms Reitmann

At our first office consultation, we decided to join with an Accrue Real Estate membership as we were interested in property but never had the time to do it all ourselves. We always wanted to invest in property but had never gotten around to it - having kids made it difficult also!

We were shown multiple properties by Accrue Real Estate and were advised we were not obliged to purchase any of them. We found the decision on which property to purchase easy and we were able to choose the property we liked the most.

We plan on acquiring one or two more properties through Accrue Real Estate and to date, we have been satisfied with the performance of our investment property. For these reasons, we have found great value in our Accrue membership. Now that we have had our annual review, we are very pleased that Accrue has regularly followed us up and shown commitment to an ongoing service.

Our whole experience with Accrue has been positive – they think of and do everything.

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