Ms Lee Matson

29 July 2015

Ms Lee Matson

From the first office consultation I felt that it was a supportive process and the information provided to me made me have faith in the whole process of property investment. For these reasons, I made the decision to sign up for an Accrue Membership on the day.

I was shown multiple properties by Accrue and was not made to feel pressured into purchasing any of them. I felt I could choose which one suited me best and was the most comfortable with. I purchased my investment property in Airport West and have been satisfied with its performance to date – it has all gone very well.

Accrue Real Estate has followed me up regularly and emails and questions are always answered promptly. I would like to acquire another investment property with Accrue Real Estate and have definitely found value in my Accrue Membership given the time and energy that goes into property investment.

Overall, my most positive experiences with Accrue have been that the staff are easy to talk to and are relaxed and comfortable, and they have proven expertise in knowledge of property.

Suggestions: expert advice,  buying your second property

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