Melbourne is a popular city that is a favourite destination for immigrants to Australia. It has both cold winters and hot summers but no extreme weather. The arts and entertainment scene is vibrant and Melbourne is not far behind Sydney in business terms.

Melbourne offers a range of lifestyle and home options. To the East are the Dandenong Ranges and its foothills which are popular for families and first home buyers.

The South Eastern suburbs stretching from St Kilda to Mornington are constantly expanding in terms of farm land being converted to home sites and existing large land blocks being subdivided allowing for two homes on one block.

That population growth has led to huge increases in demand and prices paid for Melbourne property.

To the West of Melbourne vast areas that were windswept paddocks and are now modern vibrant suburbs that attract property investors and home makers.

The ever popular inner city areas close to the centre of Melbourne have been in demand for over 100 years. Beach side suburbs like St Kilda, Albert Park and Port Melbourne have seen prices rise to a greater extent that outer suburbs due to the investment and life style options they allow by being so close to the beach and Melbourne's CBD.

The number of people who reside in the city has increased enormously as commuting to the suburbs has become too onerous for busy professionals. It is much easier to live close to work and that is why new town homes in Melbourne are popular.

To locate a new Melbourne town home it is a good idea to seek out a property buying education service to locate good projects, explain the benefits of each and arrange an introduction to developers.

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