Melbourne 26 June 2015. How do people looking to buy new property in Melbourne increase their chances of getting a fair deal?

People in the Melbourne property development business create new real estate projects to make money. They want to maximise profits. That is the nature of business. Any mug can front up to a local real estate agent and pay full price for a property advertised in the window. Whether or not the buyer will make a profit is unforeseeable but it is certain, that making a profit over time would be more likely if the buyer took the time to seek out the services of a property buyer's advisory service.Before buying any Melbourne property, whether for investment or for using as a home, everyone should get advice.

There are countless mistakes that can be made when people set out to spend money on real estate. Low interest rates make some people careless. When rates go up and valuations fluctuate, those who paid too much, or bought in volatile locations or bought in undesirable projects will be the first to suffer financial pain.

How then can anyone get help to buy property in Melbourne?

Accrue Real Estate helps people to accrue property. It is a service that exists to enable people to make informed decisions about a property purchase for a single asset or a portfolio of real estate.

The business, based in Melbourne is a licensed real estate agent but it does not act for vendors. Accrue Real Estate offers a unique service to buyers. It provides introductions to a range of property industry professionals who can advise on issues such as conveyancing, strata title law, local government, finance, property valuations and all of the other businesses and services that comprise the property market in Melbourne.

Accrue Real Estate is a vital part of the Melbourne property market. It keeps tabs on new projects from concept, town planning approval, construction and on to completion. It helps people to avoid the mistakes that are made when the full price is paid for property from normal local real estate agents. We seek expert advice for health and dental treatment which costs far less than property, yet many people willingly buy from real estate agents who are legally obliged to act for the seller AND in the interests of the seller.

The Accrue Real Estate licensed property advisors provide their customers with inside knowledge of what property is on the market, where it is in terms of affordability and services and often, exclusive access to property that is not on the open market. It is important to take notice of the fact that often, the best property in Melbourne is bought off the plan by property insiders.

Accrue Real Estate gives people access to that underworld property market so that buyers have a good chance of buying at a fair price, in the right suburbs, in streets with easy access to services like schools and transport among well designed projects created by Melbourne's best property developers.

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Accrue can help

Get expert property advice & find out how affordable acquiring residential property can be.