Insurance helps protect your investment

Martin Bourke

I am very happy with the amount of research and level of detail that the property consultant went through with me on each and every property that he introduced to me.

Becoming a landlord can be a financially rewarding venture. To get a good return on your investment property, you need to prepare for expenses. It is not just about finding the right house and securing good tenants; there are ongoing maintenance costs and unexpected losses. Accidents can happen. Protect yourself against reckless tenants, the cost of repairs and a whole range of mishaps with landlord insurance.

What policy should I choose?

There are a multitude of insurance providers on the market. Take the time to do your research and find comprehensive landlord insurance that protects your investment.

It is important to get specialised landlord insurance, because general home and contents insurance will not cover some of the unique risks that come with leasing out your house.

Your landlord insurance policy should:

  • protect your contents
  • protect your building
  • protect you from loss of rental income.

Try to find landlord insurance that will prepare you for unintentional damage, malicious damage, natural disasters and financial losses. With a good landlord insurance policy, if the worst should happen your investment will still be protected.

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