It's easy to take the stress of out becoming a landlord

If you have purchased an investment property, property management will make your life a whole lot easier. A professional property manager essentially acts as a go-between for you and your tenants, taking care of the practicalities of leasing out your house.

What will a property manager do for me?

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A property manager will find and manage tenants for you and collect rent on your behalf. They can take responsibility for organising maintenance and repairs and ensure that your house complies with property safety standards.

Calling in a property manager will also save you from the headache of navigating tenancy law. Experienced property managers should have an understanding of state and national landlord-tenant law, and follow them when representing you.

Amongst other things, a property manager versed in tenant law can properly:

  • screen a tenant
  • terminate a lease, or
  • evict a tenant.

With an expert in property management on your side, your investment property will be in safe hands.

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