People who choose to work with Accrue Real Estate may take advantage of an in office property consultation after receiving an independent finance consultation.

The property consultation covers various aspects of acquiring property such as risk minimisation, preferred criteria, potential hot spots, property values, infrastructure, rental exposure, maintenance costs and many other aspects not usually considered by most people before entering the Real Estate Market.

Mr & Mrs Bertoldi

We were shown multiple properties by Accrue Real Estate and were advised that we were not obliged to purchase any of them. This way, we felt no pressure and were able to choose whichever property we wanted.

Accrue Real Estate does not offer property for consideration in any second property consultation, our clients who chose to engage our property acquisition services understand that it takes time to source and negotiate on property and therefore usually do not receive these services for up to one month after engaging us to find property for them.

Although it is not required by law all Accrue Real Estate clients are referred to a financial advisor, accountant, finance broker and solicitors before considering purchasing real estate or putting in a written offer to purchase property.

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